9/30 BIG SOCAL EURO 2023 in USA

Date: Saturday, Sep 30th, 2023
Venue: Irwindale Speedway, CA

URL: https://www.big-euro.com


ASSIST/LAPTORR jointly exhibited at the BIG SOCAL EURO event held in California in cooperation with BRIDE USA (LOT USA).
BRIDE has helped us a lot. Local users also provided two vehicles for display.

Due to the tight schedule, it seems that the LAPTORR Front Spoiler could not be painted in time.

This event has been going on for years, attracting Euro-Cars.
It was an event where many types of cars participated. Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW were particularly popular.
On the day of the event, the temperature was low and rainy, which is unusual for Los Angeles, so the number of participants was smaller than usual.
There was an event where users could experience burnout and drifting, and a battle to compete for the loudest bubbling sound. The bubbling sound at the scene was as powerful as a gunfight.

Some people who knew us came to the ASSIST/LAPTORR booth. thank you.
Our English wasn’t good enough, if you have any more questions , please contact us. We will respond to you via text.